Law Enforcement Training

ADL is the largest non-governmental provider in the United States of training for law enforcement on hate crimes, extremism, and terrorism. Each year, ADL experts deliver customized, in-depth training on these subjects to over 10,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Moreover, ADL operates several “flagship” national training programs of great repute. ADL’s Advanced Training School provides a three-day counter-terrorism training seminar for law enforcement executives on both domestic and international terrorism, while ADL’s National Counter-Terrorism Seminar brings law enforcement executives to Israel for a week of intensive counter-terrorism training by a variety of Israeli police and military experts. ADL also partners with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to offer the “Law Enforcement and Society” program, which uses the lessons of the Holocaust to highlight the core values of American law enforcement and its role as protector of the Constitution and individual rights.

  • Educating Law Enforcement: ADL’s Center on Extremism provides law enforcement agencies confronting hate and extremism with the information they need to know. Each month, Regional Law Enforcement Intelligence Bulletins provide officers with information about extremist-related developments in their own region of the country. Bi-monthly, ADL releases its Terrorism Update newsletter containing articles and in-depth features on Islamic extremism in the U.S. and abroad. ADL also releases reports on a variety of other topics of interest to law enforcement.
  • Providing Direct Assistance: More than 500 times a year, ADL experts reach out to law enforcement officers to share actionable intelligence on extremist-related matters or to respond to requests for information or assistance from law enforcement agencies. A variety of federal, state, and local agencies have issued commendations or other recognition of ADL assistance in criminal cases ranging from hate crimes to domestic terrorism.

So far, local sponsors have provided the opportunity for the Chief of Police of Oxnard, the Chief of Police and the Sheriff of San Luis Obispo, the Sheriff of Santa Barbara and the Sheriff of Ventura to receive counter-terrorism and anti-bias training in Israel. ADL annually brings law enforcement executives to Israel for a week of intensive counter-terrorism training provided by senior commanders in the Israel National Police, expert from Israel’s intelligence and security services, and Israel Defense.

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