The Application Process for the 2016-2017 Glass Leadership Institute is now open!
To apply, please fill out the below form.  If you have any questions about the application or the Glass Leadership Institute, please call 805-564-6670 or email

The Mission
The Glass Leadership Institute was founded to energize a new generation of committed activists to dedicate themselves to ADL’s vital mission. The Santa Barbara/Tri-Counties Region, along with more than 20 other ADL regions, will offer the program this year, creating a nation-wide network of emerging, dynamic leaders. The Mission of the Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) is to provide broad exposure to ADL’s programs and resources and to create a cadre of community advocates who will take on regional and national leadership positions within the League. Participants gain first-hand exposure to ADL’s activities and interests including:

  • Combating Hate
  • Bigotry & Prejudice
  • Fighting Anti-Semitism
  • Israel and International Affairs
  • Defending Civil Rights
  • Protecting Religious Freedom
  • Ensuring the Separation of Church and State
  • Teaching Diversity and Cultural Understanding

Who are Glass Leadership Institute Participants?
The Glass Leadership Institute consists of a specially selected group of individuals between the ages of 25-50 who are interested in learning about ADL’s mission “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people… to secure justice and fair treatment to all.”

Glass participants are chosen based on their demonstrated leadership qualities in the Jewish and general communities, as well as their interest in and commitment to social and political justice. Glass leaders are expected to attend nearly all monthly meetings as well as the annual Shana Amy Glass National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.

Glass Leadership Institute participants should…

1. Regularly attend each of nine monthly meetings in the Glass programmatic year: Monthly meetings serve as a vehicle to educate participants on the full range of issues and programming on the ADL agenda.  Meetings will be held on

  • Wednesday or Thursday afternoons in Santa Barbara
  • Wednesday evenings in Ventura County

2. Be willing to attend ADL’s National Leadership Conference (May 7th-9th): GLI participants from all over the country attend the National Conference in Washington D.C. (with conference and hotel costs subsidized by ADL for participants who have attended the minimum number of sessions throughout the year). The conference convenes Board members, GLI participants, and staff from ADL’s regional offices for three days of workshops, meetings and lobbying on Capitol Hill.

3. Consider making a donation upon graduation from the program: The ADL asks participants to make a suggested minimum contribution of $250  to the Anti-Defamation League.  We do not want this suggested contribution to be a deterrent to your participation. As you reflect on your GLI experience and the ongoing work of the ADL, we ask you give whatever amount is appropriate for you.

2016-2017 GLI Sample Sessions & Guest Speakers:

TBID Class Topics/Guests:
ADL Education: Understanding Identity, Dismantling Bias & Building Bridges with ADL facilitators
ADL in Action: Defining Civil Rights with Michelle Deutchman, Western States’ Civil Rights Area Counsel
ADL on Campus: Modern Anti-Semitism with Ariella Schusterman, Los Angeles Associate Regional Director

Secured Dates:
Both groups are on the same day, unless otherwise noted
VC: Ventura County dinner group

SB: Santa Barbara County daytime group
>October 5th (VC)/6th (SB) – ADL & GLI Overview and Identity Exploration
Cyndi Silverman, Santa Barbara/Tri-Counties Regional Director
>November 9th – ADL’s Center on Extremism: The State of Hate in California
Joanna Mendelson, California Investigative Researcher/Director of Special Projects
>December 14th(VC)/15th(SB) – ADL’s International Affairs: Israel & Beyond
Susan Heller-Pinto, Associate Director, Int’l Affairs Division & Director, Mid East Affairs and Int’l Analysis
>January 25th(VC)/26th(SB) – ADL’s Lobbying Agenda: An Insider’s Briefing
Mindy Reinstein, Deputy Director of G.R.A.C.E.
>February TBD
>March TBD

>April TBD
>May 3rd – D.C. Advocacy Prep Meeting for Delegates
>May 7th-9th National Leadership Conference (in D.C.)
>May 24th – Bringing it Back Home: Social & Reflection
>June 21st – GLI Graduation! What’s Next?
Join board members in a celebration of YOU & learn how to stay involved in ADL!

For an application, to make a recommendation or to find out more information, please email or call 805-564-6670!

2016-17 Glass Leadership Institute Application

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  • We give guest speakers a bio on each class member, so this is your opportunity to craft it yourself! Please share an approximately 10 sentence bio including a bit about your background and the context you bring with you to GLI.